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We repair Home appliances

Multi Brand Repair Service Center ( Unauthorized)

Here, We repair all types of  Washing Machine, refrigerators, Air conditioner, Microwave Oven and tv. Likewise, we provide 100% Customer Satisfaction and Our Service Center is a Fully Private Home Appliances Service Center.


Washing machine

A washing machine is one of the useful products in our day to day life. There is no time to wash the clothes that who are busy with their work. So, that maximum number of people is looking forward to washing machines. It has a wide range of models like a semi-automatic, fully automatic, top load, front load washing machines, dual load washing machines.


Usually, all the Bluestar Refrigerator manufacturing companies especially mention the point to free run the appliance for the first use for hours until you feel ok with its working condition. Even though it Bluestar Service Center in Mumbai was tested ok in all the defined standards inside the factory, It is still raw to use hence, when you buy a new Bluestar Refrigerator never forget to run it in idle condition without just dumping all the food stuff into it.

Microwave Oven




All home appliance, like washing machine,Refrigerator,microwave oven,ac,tv at your door step.

Working days

we provide service for 365days

Customer satisfaction

we provide service as per customer scheduled time,customer satisfaction is our priority.

Spare parts

Standard spare parts with less charges are for the supplied with the unit.


Good Service Center.they have trained technicians
i love this service center because they have a Good comunication with clients

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Bluestar Service Center in Mumbai is the best brand for using the home appliances, since they give the best use for the products. Blue star service center is the best in offering the product. Washing machines they wash the clothes and they give best wash to the material, washing machines are the major useful appliance in the home. We have three sorts of washers they are front load, top load and semi-automatic machines. Now a day’s Refrigerators are more using product refrigerator, because it helps us to store the food. In refrigerator we can store all types of food items like cool drinks, chocolates, cakes, meat, milk etc. all food items we can store in the refrigerator. In refrigerators we have more shelves for storing; we can store more food in it. Microwave ovens are the        crucial product in every home, in the microwave ovens they are three sorts of microwave oven they are solo, grill and convection. Microwave oven, also called electronic oven appliances that cooks food utilizing high-frequency electromagnetic waves called microwaves. Bluestar Service Center in Mumbai A microwaves oven is a comparatively small, box like furnace that increases the temperature of cooking by reducing it to high frequency electromagnetic fields. Air conditioners are more useful product and they are preferred by more people. This heated air is expelled to the outside, and the liquid recirculates to the evaporator coils to continue the cooling process. In some units the two sets of coils can reverse functions so that in winter, the inside coils condense the refrigerant and heat rather than cool the room. Such a unit is known as a heat pump. If you have any struggle in your product just contact us we will send our professionals to your house they will say the correct explanation about the air conditioner. In TV we can enjoy our favorite shows, movies and we can enjoy the day through seeing the TV. Bluestar Service Center in Mumbai In TV we can see YouTube not only this but all movies through we have apps Amazon prime and Aha etc. Through seeing these we can see our favorite movies.

Washing machine:

Washing machines are tolerating a huge part in our bit by bit life. In articles of clothing washers, we’ve different kinds of machines to clean the articles of clothing like a front load, top load, semi-automatic and altered. Front weight articles of clothing washers may be somewhat costly, it gives better wash to the pieces of clothing, the top loadis immaterial excessive than semi-automatic. Bluestar Service Centre in Mumbai. Notwithstanding, the more conspicuous piece of them inclines toward self-loader articles of clothing since it’s two tubs for washing the articles of clothing. It’s a choice that one tub is for drying and another is for washing, yet now, another washer has these decisions to clean the articles of clothing. Pieces of clothing washers are with new highlights like eco bubble wash, twin wash, flex wash and memory wash. you have these fluctuating sorts to clean the articles of clothing with assistance of those highlights. It washes the pieces of clothing with no issue. 


Refrigerators are found in each home. They utilize the fridge for dealing with the food. inside the refrigerator we will store milk, chocolates at that point forward we will store the food inside the refrigerator. Refrigerators are of three sorts: single entryway, twofold entryway, and side by a side entryway. Single doors are all around utilized by little families since they’re more affordable in these cooler districts and that they have less retirees. Gigantic families favor double door refrigerators side by side door refrigerators. These refrigerators have various racks, these coolers have new highlights like sliding racks, entryway bolts and cautions. We have these all highlights inside the twofold passageway fridge. These coolers are costly. In the event that you simply have any deficiencies alongside your cooler, contact our association neighborhood and we will send our association originators to your home. they will deal with the deficiency in your nervousness and give you the insurance to stay up. 

Microwave oven: 

These clamoring plans are so occupied with the workplace through and through that they don’t get a chance to figure out the food with the help of a microwave. They will set up the food fastly. they will cook their #1 dish with the help of the microwave again we’ve three species in it they’re solo, fire burn and convection. These microwaves are gotten and excellent for cooking, in these microwave temperatures are prepared for 35 degrees to 600 degrees. In microwaves, in a similar way, we’ve highlighted things like passage style, bulb, power rating and sensors. Bluestar Service Centre  in Mumbai. In the event that your microwave raises any damnation while cooking, enlighten our connection that we’ll approve any quiet issue inside the microwave. you’ll open up to our alliance. we will manage the microwave with the gets or contact by arriving at the keys we will manage the microwave. we will heat up the food and that we can devise and warm the food we’ve of those different sorts. 

Air conditioner:

The   air conditioner may be a cooling advancement that has out of pair separate units, air-cooled including the air dealing with units. The air arranging unit is presented recognizable all around the changing room itself, while the consolidating unit is set close to inside the plan or with the undeniable reality space. The joining units are habitually coordinated outside; the 2 units are associated with the refrigerant lines. Possibly the head obliged climate control system structures that work admirably in homes, without the ventilation fill in as an increase to your current warming and cooling diagram of a split plan. Notwithstanding, when we use an it’ll agitate our rest so we will uphold the ecological structure. It won’t ruin our rest. The blower and condenser are set during a setting unit, not in the least the sort of development that requires the improvement of ventilation work worked with during the rooftop, split compelled air structure framework start of channels to relate the liberal to the units which are suggested the split ac is ridiculously presented. Split obliged air systems somewhat will be serene, isolated compelled air structures are the superior esteemed by all people so it’s all the costlier. 


The authentic rate is that the degree assists a TV with canning shows through second, assessed in (unit of repeat). Thus, a TV with a restoration rate shows 50 pictures each second. Inside India, our AC mains as an outline power obliged the homes to work at 60 Hz, all together that is the speed of the stock which TV can run at. This is much of the time the norm after the hour of old CRT TVs, our whole movement relies on it, so there’s no period in making it. Since the previous pair of years, TV affiliations are moving their TVs with considerably more fundamental recuperation rates. Bluestar Service Centre  in Mumbai. These started with 120 Hz anyway and now even 240 Hz isn’t new or striking. Notwithstanding how the quality is, the more unquestionable the aggregate the higher it’s, at any rate, TV creators occasionally uncover the authentic resuscitate rate, in actuality, give their improving name to quicken events and grow backwards the numbers.

Bluestar Service Center in Mumbai. If you have any issue with your appliances just contact us we will send our technicians to your house Bluestar Service Center in Mumbai they will say the exact problem in your products and provides the best service, however, Our management has experts who are well trained in this field.  Our management comprises of the best technicians in this field and they are well trained for technical faculty.

Our aim is to provide same-day repair service has helped us earn a good respectable among our clients and customers. If you have any trouble with your product you no need to come to our service center to register the complaint about your appliances just make a call to our service center. Or you can fill book a service form on our website. We call you back to register your complaint within a short time we will send our technicians to your location.

Finally, our technicians obey 100% of customer satisfaction. We have technicians for all types of appliances like washing machines, air conditioner, microwave oven, refrigerators, TV, etc. And, our professionals have extensive knowledge in repairing the appliances with genuine spare parts. Further, we provide 90 days warranty for spare parts and30 days warranty for general service. We give the best service for all attribute products. We respond within 24 hours at meanwhile our technicians will arrive within 3 to 4 hours to your location.

Washing machine Service Center:  

The washing machine is an important product nowadays. We don’t need to rub the clothes without squeezing them to remove water from the clothes. Today home appliances are becoming the most essential part of our daily life because with that we are saving our time and concentrating on other important works which are pending more than we secure our health. It is so difficult to imagine daily life without branded home appliances. If you have any trouble with your product just make a call we will send our technicians to your home itself.

We have professionals for front load, top load, and semi-automatic machines, etc. In these washing machines, we have special features like Energies water to get the best out of detergent and takes it deep inside the fabrics to dislodge the dirt. 4Dwash: jets of water and shower from paddles ensure complete soaking of clothes. water mixed with detergent gets injected into your clothes with a spraying mechanism for the best wash.   Spin cycle: the spin cycle is for drying is deliberated as revolution per minute; however, this will depend on clothes. Temperature control: if the washing machine has a convector, this feature will help to adjust the temperature of the water. It determines the weight of laundry and that detect and time is required for cleaning.

Refrigerator service center:

the refrigerator is the most organized efficient cooling effect to store the food. Cool temperature helps food to stay longer, refrigerator Bluestar Service Center in Mumbai consists of an insulated compartment and a heat pump, and in the refrigerator, and we can store our favorite food items.

If you have any troubles with your refrigerator just make a call we will send our technicians to your home itself they will say the exact problem in your product and product and provide the best service. however, Refrigerator delays the heat from inside to outside so that refrigerator cooled inside below the room temperature it reduces the spoilage of food. The refrigerator comprises the two main components including that condenser coil and evaporator coil. A liquid coil reaches the motor through the compressor through a condenser coil; the coil’s function is to cool the air in the unit via a liquid-filled coil. The fundamental reason for having a refrigerator to keep food cool.

Microwave oven Service Center:

A microwave oven is a small electronic box that helps to cook the food.  A solo microwave oven is a basic model of a stove .which helps us to cook the food. Grill Micro oven, we will grill the food items like Chicken, Bread, and a few meals, etc. And one of its functions is to reheat food quickly.

The microwave uses diffusion which is absorbed by waters, sugars and supports this absorption; it excites these molecules into atomic motion. When it doesn’t function properly, or parts damaged, it needs proper maintenance. Severe damages also occur which we cannot restrict. Our well-trained technician’s area unit was repaired to the doorstep service.  The convection Micro oven is cheaper than compared to other micro ovens. In every household, the usage of Micro ovens is more, so getting troubles during a Micro oven is additionally common. We’vewell-experienced technicians. Our technicians will repair all types of microwave oven like solo, grill, and convention. Our professionals can well analyze the issue in your product.

Air conditioner Service Center: 

An air conditioner is an expensive product that needs more maintenance. The air conditioner is the process of removing the heat and moisture from the interior occupied space to improve the comfort of the tenant. Bluestar Service Center in Mumbai air conditioner has a very expensive product it needs maintenance. Not only in summer but in winter and monsoon seasons it playing a crucial role in has an inbuilt heater. Which increased the room temperature.

Air conditioner connected to the inside cooling coil, the compressor pumps back extracting the heat moisture indoor it conveys the heat to the indoors .warm indoor air blow indoor cooling coil .when the heat absorbed by the refrigerant moved outside your home. if any inconvenience in your home just makes a call we will send our professionals to your home. If you have any trouble with your air conditioner just make a call we will send our Bluestar Service Center in Mumbaitechnicians to your home they will repair in front of you.

TV Service Center:

The most advanced technology of its time is 65 inches and 77inches with a combination of color contrast and curved screen. There is a budget TV that is coming with HD and higher in budget range TV with full HD. The difference between HD and full HD is 720pis the full HD is 1080p. These are the highest resolutions provided by any budget ranged TV’s. And in this new generation, they are coming with a 4k solution which is higher on any TV. Bluestar Service Center in Mumbai We are here to provide the best service all over Mumbai. If you have any trouble with your product just make a call we will send our technicians to your house they will repair all models of TVs like LED, LCD

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