Bluestar Refrigerator Service in Kandivali Andheri Mumbai is giving all types of refrigerator repair. we have more than ten years of experience in this field. Are you searching for a Refrigerator repair service center? we are the one who is offering Doorstep service at affordable prices.

We Repair:

  • Single Door Refrigerator
  • Double Door Refrigerator
  • Side by side Refrigerator
  • Dias Refrigerator

Single Door Refrigerator repair services are available in Mumbai. Our repairing prices for your Single Door Refrigerator is very low cost. Likewise, are you getting any trouble with your refrigerator? call our service center for repairing and servicing. Few Common Problems in Single Door Refrigerator those are: 1. Defective fridge MCB  2. Insufficient current :the reason behind the refrigerator is not working means insufficient current or voltage to the unit. 3. Faulty motor 4. Faulty compressor 5. Dirty condenser coils 6. Faulty thermostat.

Defective Refrigerator MCB: If your fridge won’t start you have to check with the MCB (miniature circuit breaker). If The problem with MCB can be a leading cause of refrigerator damaged. In such a case call a refrigerator repair center to get your Refrigerator repaired. Insufficient current: Here, insufficient current lead to the refrigerator is not working. or high voltage. So you have to contact the best refrigerator service center near to you. Of course, we are available 24/7 to provide the repair and service.

Bluestar Refrigerator Service in Kandivali Andheri Mumbai provides you well-trained technicians to repair. IF you are facing double door refrigerator problems like the refrigerator is not cooling, water leakage, and so on. here we repair sidebyside& dias refrigerator at your location  Problems with your refrigerator Like. 

Water Leaking on the Floor: water to leak on the floor because of a frozen water supply. This can also prevent the ice maker and water dispense from working properly. To fix this, unplug the refrigerator and check the problem If it is broken down. then you need to change the water supply line and contact professionals to solve your issues.

The refrigerator is Freezing Food

If you observe that your refrigerator is freezing your food, it is an issue with the temperature control thermostat. the thermostat controls the voltage to all equipment like compressor and fan motor. So if it is not working come to our service center because we have experienced technicians for repair. and here we offer genuine spare parts to replacement of old or damaged spare parts. in the same way, we offer one month for spare service warranty at affordable prices. Likewise, we are open 365 days a year so you can contact Bluestar Refrigerator Service in Kandivali Andheri Mumbai at any time.

Bluestar Refrigerator Service in Kandivali Andheri Mumbai

Bluestar air conditioner service center in Mumbai. The air conditioners are the most expensive product in every home. It requires good maintenance. The Bluestar air conditioners are coming with advanced features. In the summer season, the air conditioners play a crucial role. It cools the room temperature not only in summers but now in winters also the air conditioners are helping users by providing the heated air. They provide the inbuilt heater for hot air. This air conditioner consumes very little electricity.

Types of Air Conditioner

Split Air Conditioner

Window Air Conditioner

Cassette Air Conditioner

Duct Air Conditioner

Installation Process:

Firstly, you need to select the installation place. And choose the companies qualified and experienced in the installation, service, and repair. Indoor Unit: here, Install the unit on a strong wall. where the connection is easy to drain the condensed water. install the unit where it can be easily accessible. Connecting the pipes: when you are connecting the pipe don’t remove the cap from the pipe. as well as don’t bend the pipe more than three times at one point. is providing Good deals and services for all types of air conditioners.

Bluestar Washing machine Service center in Kandivali Mumbai is one of the best places for all types of washing machine repair at home. because we have expert technicians in this field. We are a famed name due to Bluestar home appliances repairs in Mumbai. Moreover, We have a very proficient team of technicians. Who are well-experienced in dealing with washing machines?

Types of Washing Machines:

1. front load washing machine
2. top load washing machine
3. semi-automatic washing machine
4. fully-automatic washing machine

We repair this kind of washing machines at our customer doorstep. Likewise, Our technicians having several years of experience in repairing. Bluestar Washing machine Service center in Kandivali Mumbai. We have a good team of technicians to resolve your washing machines’ problems. Once you login to our service, our experienced technicians will come to your door within 3 hours.

So, Are you Searching for washing machine repairing services? we are here to repair your washing machine at a reasonable price. then, reach us and schedule your services with us, our technician will reach your front door. The trained and professional team is always ready to solve all your industrial and residential repair needs whether it’s a day or a dark night. we use original spare parts and additionally, we give 3 months warranty. Not only but also we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Washing Machine Common Issues:

Washing machines are a valuable daily necessity, they might not be Good but they are useful. In fact, you often won’t notice how a washing machine suddenly stops working. It Bounces Around: Here, washing machines vibrate to some degree, but if you notice a sudden increase in your washing machines. vibration or it seems like it’s bouncing So no need to worry it’s a common issue.

Washer Noisy: Washing machines will make a noise when they’re in use. So if you observe a sudden change in sound then there are some issues. As a matter of fact, come to our service center to get the fast and quick service. Improper Or Slow Draining: if your washing machine Slow draining. firstly check with your machine then book your complaint now. Likewise, we send our engineers to repair your damaged washing machine at your home. if you have any queries visit our service center because we are available 24/7.

Bluestar Washing machine Service center in Kandivali Mumbai

Bluestar microwave oven Service Center in Mumbai. The microwave oven is the qualitative product that provides the advanced features to its microwave ovens. Mainly the microwave ovens are three types they are solo microwave oven, grill microwave oven and convection microwave oven.
Solo microwave oven
The solo microwave ovens called as entry-level of the microwave oven. It is very low in cost and features. and It only suits for homes for emergency purposes and It can majorly use for reheating the food. then,  It can’t cook all food items.
Grill microwave oven
The grill microwave ovens the second product after a solo microwave oven. that came with grills inside the microwave oven which can defrost the meat and vegetables. likewise, It will give us a wonderful experience of food and taste. It has some best features it is mainly used in bakeries and it is also suitable for homes.
Convection microwave oven
The convection microwave oven is the best to date. It contains all features of the above microwave ovens like the solo microwave oven and grill microwave oven. It has many automatic features. Comparing to solo microwave oven and grill microwave oven it is high in cost.

Features of microwave oven

Turn plate: The turnplate is the main function for cocking the food. Because the turn plate helps to provide equal heat around the food item. This is the best technology provided by any microwave oven. Touch control: This microwave oven is coming with a simple touch panel. In which we can control the microwave oven with a touch panel.
Auto menu
The auto menu technology is most present in all microwave ovens. These features provide the auto cook option for that we just need to select the weight of the food item it will start cooking the food item. It will give you the complete satisfaction of taste. Manual power level: In this new microwave oven, they provide the technology of manual power level. We can set a 100% to 10% power level according to the food item. Because different food item requires a different power level. So, This is the best technology provided by the whirlpool microwave oven.
Bluestar TV Service Center in Mumbai.TV is the main entertainment source. Without the TV there is nothing enjoyable left at home. Mainly in this pandemic situation going outside is not so safe. So many children and adults addicted to many TV shows and movies. TVs are making our stay at the home. There are three types of TVs LED, LCD and smart TV. The smart TV’s are the most using products right now we can connect the wifi and can access the YouTube and OTT platforms. These TV’s are coming with 4k resolution.

Common issues in Tv

  • TV Turns on But No Picture. There are many possible causes for your TV turning on but not showing a picture.
  • Video not matching Audio.
  • The image is shaking
  • Screen is too dark and no sound
These are some of the most common issues on TVs, here we solve these kinds of issues at your doorstep. In the same way, we offer a low-cost service charge and three months of service warranty. keep in mind, we repair only out of warranty products. Of Course, if you are facing any issues with your appliance then contact us. 
About our service 
We provide the best services to all blue star products. Home appliances like TV, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, and air conditioners. Likewise, We provide all original spare parts. Moreover, the specialty of our service is providing door to door service and 350/- for visiting charges. Likewise, We have more than 10 years of experience in repairing all types of home appliances. As well as. Our Service Center is providing clarification for any doubts and 100% customer satisfaction to our friendly customers